My Scientific Views

A little about me…

Right from my early childhood days, I had always desired to be a researcher. I was particularly interested in the use of medicinal plants in the treatment of diseases. At the time, I knew very little about what that entailed, but I can recall preparing a concoction of some local herbs and honey which provided almost instant relief, after topical application, during a measles epidemic which affected my home. My interest in the biological sciences was further aroused during a genetics class in my teenage years.

It was my desire to find answers to the most profound questions that plagued my mind that spurred me to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry.



What I do now…

Sometime in 2015, I started to nurture a desire for the study of infectious diseases (neglected tropical diseases to be specific) and the search for plant-derived products that could be used in the treatment of these conditions. Currently, I am undergoing a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology of Infectious Diseases at the West African Centre for Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens, University of Ghana.

I would be sharing my views on scientific issues via this platform, especially those pertaining to infectious diseases.


For more information…

Kindly check out my profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn and Researchgate.  Alternatively, send an email to

2 replies

  1. Hi Pearl, trust you’re doing just fine. I must say I was intrigued & fascinated by your write up on this blog. It also reawakened my torpid quest of finding answers to some metabolic diseases via nutrition- a life long dream.

    I will appreciate if you come across openings in Nutrition & epidemiology and notify me in this regards.

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  2. Hi Opeyemi,
    I am thrilled reading your comment! Feedback like this inspires me to write some more. I am glad you find this piece intriguing. No matter how long or what it takes, you must keep that life-long dream alive, and I would be happy to assist in any way I can. I would notify you of opportunities I come across.

    Best wishes for a fantastic career in Nutrition and Epidemiology,


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